Vstep is an innovative software for physical rehabilitation.

Exercises on treadmill, bike cycling, stepping and walking can be quite monotonous and dull.

Vstep motivates users to participate in these exercises.

Vstep is an interactive virtual activity for the patients to practice walking and touring.


The setup of Vstep.

Vstep works with a specially designed sensor and screen. The screen is positioned in front of a treadmill or bike. The sensor is installed.

Whenever the patient starts walking or stepping, V-Step is activated and gives the user a very realistic virtual impression of “walking into the scene”. Once the user stops, the “virtual walk’ halts and thus give a virtual impression that the user has stop in his/her walking journey.


How to set up Vstep?

Set up is easy and simple. Only our proprietary sensor, a computer and a monitor/ projector are required.


Special features/ functions of Vstep

1) Preloaded 10 beautiful walking scenes in V-step system. (Scenes includes beaches, gardens, nature parks, city walks, cottage villages, yacht clubs and shopping along streets...etc. Countries featured include England, Canada, V-Step motivates patients to participate in these exercises.

2) All 10 walking scenes come with realistic background sounds. (For eg, sea waves, birds chirping, rustling leaves, traveling cars, horses...etc.)

3) Vstep has highly programmable features/settings that allows therapists to customize the exercise therapies to suit the individual needs of the user.