International Exhibitions Attended

We have attended exhibitions both locally and internationally to promote our VR software systems to the world.


Rehacare International, held in Dusseldorf, German.

Distribution Agreement made between Edamas Medical Pte Ltd and LiteGait USA., for which LiteGait USA to market Toucher under their OEM brand Vitiup in the USA.

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LiteGait are the makers of the LiteGaitĀ® family of products, used in treating spinal cord injury, amputation, stroke, chronic pain, head injury, orthopedic problems, cerebral palsy, balance issues, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis.

Toucher is sold together with Litegait equipments.


Rehacare International, held in Dusseldorf, German.

Where we exhibited the following VR softwares to the European market.

Prosense for multi-sensory (MSE and snoezelen)

Toucher for Rehabilitation

MAS01 for Cognitive Training

Attendees included European OT and PT therapists, users, clients, patients and potential worldwide distributors. Many distributorships agreements were signed with worldwide agents. Our VR software solutions created a lot of awareness.


Arab Health, Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

We co-exhibited with an American Company exporting Rehab supplies here, together in the USA Pavillion. Notice our Prosense (black catalogue) and Toucher (white catalogue) at the left entrance. We promoted our VR software systems to the Middle East market.

We forged new partnerships and got users to try our VR software systems as well. Attendees include those from Asia too.