About Edamas Medical Pte Ltd.

Edamas Medical Pte Ltd is a customer focused company that DEVELOPS OUR OWN line of softwares catering to the special needs and rehabilitation industry All our software systems, including hardwares, are conceptualized, designed and developed exclusively in Singapore by our team. Our team consists of developers and hardware engineers working hand in hand with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. One of our directors/shareholders is an Occupational Therapist with 18 years of clinical experience. With such valued feedback from this Occupational Therapist, we are able to develop VR software systems that not only engage the users but are functional as well.

We pride ourselves that our VR softwares are "MADE IN SINGAPORE" and are distributed worldwide via our network of authorized distributors and agents.(pls click on "World Wide Distributor Network").

We have exhibited in various INTERNATIONAL exhibitions, showcasing our VR software systems to the world. (pls click on "International Exhibitions attended")

We have a VERY STRONG user's reference list in Singapore for our VR softwares. We currently have many Prosense System installed in sensory rooms island wide in Singapore. (pls email us to receive a copy of our Reference User list).

We are always committed to provide extremely responsive Technical Support to our customers. We recognize that our success is based on the relationship that we have with our customers; and thus, take seriously every communication we have with our customers and view them as opportunities to make our products and services even better.



To be a front-runner in developing software solutions for the special needs, rehabilitation and clinical market. To market/launch/sell our products to the world via our extensive worldwide network of agents. To showcase to the world that products "MADE IN SINGAPORE" ..., a small country with limited resources, can make a difference to users worldwide. Eventually, to market/promote our our home country SINGAPORE to the world.



We always value the relationship with our customers as a path to our success. We aim at delivering VR software solutions that will open new possibilities for our customers and yet are functional thus allowing them to work effectively in a productive way.